Winter Menu Plan

During the winter months soups and stews are regularly on my menu plan and so are casseroles and quiches or pizzas. Vegetable salads from the summer get mostly replaced by cooked vegetables. Meat is no longer from the barbecue.

Starting in the fall my winter menus follow this pattern:

  • Mondays are soup or stew days.
  • Tuesdays are pasta days.
  • Wednesday dinners are dedicated to some kind of German food.
  • Thursdays’ dinners are sweet dinners. We have a meal that other people would prefer for breakfast.
  • Fridays I cook meals with rice, quinoa, polenta or any kind of grain products.
  • Saturdays we mostly have a casserole dish.
  • On Sunday it’s often a quiche or a pizza from the oven as the guys are cooking.